Let There Be Blog

Hello readers, welcome back.

For a long while, this blog was used to share my thoughts on my city, on customer service, on web development and on my life. Occasionally, I’d write something interesting – but often, I forgot to. Then, for a long time, the entire blog just disappeared.

As most people who keep up with my work know, I have been busy – busy enough that when technical issues cropped up with my blog, it was easier to pull it offline than it was to spend the time fixing it. Once some of the technical hurdles were fixed, I was tasked with redesigning it. But being a web designer (and you can ask any designer you know) – I was never happy enough with my own work. So there it sat, offline and in a perpetual state of redesign.

There’s a quote from writer and web designer, Jeffrey Zeldman that I’ve always really liked… but have never really followed: “Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration”. I’m certainly not a decorator.

So here’s my blog. Back online – broken, missing content and in pieces… but it’s here. Old content will return once I have some time to pull it from archives and make sure it’s formatted right. My sidebar and other pages will return. Things will, slowly, get back to the way they once were. And I, dear readers, will write more often: on my life and its changes, yes, but more and more on my city and the interesting people, places, discussions and things within it.

This year is shaping up to be one of the most interesting years of my life. I look forward to sharing more of it with you.